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    • Drilling Rigs Rental Services

The Drilling Rigs Rental Services allows companies to rent drilling rigs for efficiency and value. The cost-effective rental services come with fully certified and qualified operators alongside a reliable support team, providing specialist advice and project management so that drilling operations run safely, efficiently, quickly and cost effectively. All equipment is regularly tested and certified to comply with the latest safety standards.

We are focusing on providing comprehensive solutions to our clients who might require individual services or products or integrated packages depending upon their requirements.

We have established business relations through Technical Support Agreements with oil field companies having long standing international experience to support us technically with know-how and equipment, and as a support base with any issue we might face.

-Professional Operators are accredited and trained experts in their field of work.

-Quality equipment is checked regularly to comply with the latest safety standards.

-Wide selection of rigs available for various drilling methods including rock cutting, core excavation and pipeline construction projects.

-Cost effective rental service provides excellent value for money with competitive rates

-Support team provides specialist advice and project management throughout the entire drilling process.

-24/7 onsite assistance is provided for added assurance of safety protocols being followed correctly

-Comprehensive maintenance package ensures that all rented equipment remains in optimal working condition

Our Rental Rigs Horsepower:

-Maximum input horsepower (hp) 1,230 HP

-Maximum input horsepower (hp) 2x 1000 HP

-Maximum input horsepower (hp) 1x 1500 HP DC electric motor

-Maximum input horsepower (hp) 2000 HP

-Maximum input horsepower (hp) 2x 2000 HP

-Maximum input horsepower per pump (HP) 1600 HP